Kevin Brown Historian

History of health, medicine and naval history

Reviews of Penicillin Man

“Exudes a quiet authority” (Daily Mail)

“Sir Alexander Fleming has finally got the biography he deserves.” (Contemporary Review)

” Written with honesty, intelligence, and just enough gossip to make it as much a beach book as a bench book” (British Medical Journal)

“This biography reads like a novel that cannot be put down, but it has been researched as a work of scholarship.” (School Science Review)

“When Kevin Brown became archivist to St Mary’s Hospital in 1989 he decided, perhaps naively, ‘to avoid doing anything at all connected with Fleming.’ Fortunately, he changed his mind. One reason was a feeling that … an independent more balanced approach was needed. Whether this was possible for the St Mary’s archivist even if he was an Oxford graduate, readers must decide. I think he has succeeded.” (Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy),

“Should be in every Medical Library” (Ulster Medical Journal)

“… an affectionate biography of Fleming who until his discovery was a humble scientist working at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. But the book is as much a biography of penicillin and other antibiotics as it is about one man, for here was a drug that revolutionised treatment for a myriad of ailments and which even today is seen as a cure-all for practically everything. The book is written in a chatty, winning style that avoids scientific jargon.” (Kirkus UK)

“Described as “the best and most authoritative book yet” by someone who knows the subject well this book will be enjoyed not only by those interested in scientific discoveries but anyone who enjoys a good, well written biography” (Amazon review).

“My daughter, age 12, read this as part of an assignment. It is very child-friendly, while, at the same time, informative” (Amazon review).


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