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The Sea in the 20th – 21st Centuries and the Forbidden Migrations: Conference Call for Papers, Institute of Contemporary History, Nova University, Lisbon, 28 and 29 November, 2019

Call for Papers Conference organised by The Institute of Contemporary History, Nova University, Lisbon, 28 and 29 November, 2019 The Institute of Contemporary History is organizing a conference “The Sea … Continue reading

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Not Just A Load of Old Test Tubes: An Interview with the Curator of the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum

Can you tell the audience who you are and the back story to the Museum? I am the Curator  of the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum and Trust Archivist to Imperial … Continue reading

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Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum: A Sense of Place

The Inoculation Department at St Mary’s Hospital was intended from the first to be innovative in being  a research institute attached to the wards of a general hospital where the … Continue reading

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Sleeping with Books: With a Gladstone’s Library Scholarship at St Deinol’s.

The nearest thing Britain has to a presidential library is actually a residential library, a unique place where you can ‘sleep with the books’ in a very special library established from … Continue reading

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Reflections for Armistice Day 2015 on: Fleming Connection: Science Nature Art, Kate Whiteford; Papaver Rhoeas, Paddy Hartley

Scottish-born artist Kate Whiteford was commissioned in 2009  by Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection to produce a series of works for Hammersmith Hospital exploring the role of the petri dish … Continue reading

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Seeking the Seasick Admiral

Aren’t there enough books on Nelson without yet another appearing, you may be thinking? What can anyone say that is new about him? Is it possible to have an unusual take … Continue reading

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Going Home Clean: the Fight against Venereal Disease in US Military Training Camps in the First and Second World Wars: the Roles of Raymond Fosdick and Eliot Ness

“The only life worth living is the adventurous life. Of such a life the dominant characteristic is that it is unafraid. It is unafraid of what other people think…It does … Continue reading

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